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  • IMMUNEHEED also sold as Kadha Tablet in the local market is effectively improving immunity in kids and adults
  • Relieve symptoms associated with viral and bacterial infections
  • Fast-acting tablets which will restore your immunity in 4 Weeks
  • A pleasant and acceptable taste of the tablet is compatible with the administration
  • It stimulates digestive secretion and promotes regular bowel movement.
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Immuneheed – Ayurvedic Tablet for restoring immune system by Diabport I 100 Tablets I Safe for Kids I Fast Action I Kadha Alternative
In order to provide immunity-boosting measures, and also for restoring immune health after any infection team of Scientists from Diabport has prepared an ayurvedic fast-acting tablet which has a blend of Tulsi, along with Cinnamon, Ginger (Sunthi), Black Pepper, Mulethi, Ashwagandha, and Haldi in this tablet to make this formulation unique in order to neutralize free radicals, boosts immunity and improve metabolism, the above-mentioned ingredients will help you to prevent any kind of Infection

7 reviews for Immuneheed

  1. Namra

    I have used this on recommendation of a friend….and is very satisfied with it..
    Not only boosted..
    But my digestion is also quite improved

  2. Parul Srivastava

    I was having severe throat infection with cough after consuming Immuneheed I found relief and even taste is pleasant.

  3. Ashish Srivastava

    Behterine kadha and very effective

  4. Shruti

    Very effective tablets for allergic sneezings of morning

  5. Krishna Mishra

    Very effective tablets for building immunity

  6. Swati

    Very effective even kids can have it

  7. Aru

    Immunity as well as digestion both are improved Effective product

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